Captivating passion

You always wanted to experience the tingling feeling of being completely at the mercy of a mistress. And this only with the help of ropes. Then you should definitely visit me to experience the following:

Bondage for beginners:
You have never tried bondage yourself, but your desire for it is growing day by day? You want to surrender and enjoy the feeling of different ropes on your skin. Feel how the different types of ropes make their way over your body and gradually become tighter until you are tied up in a practical package and can no longer escape me. Experience the game with the rope and the different movements that will take place in you.

Bondage & Shibari:
You have often had the pleasure of feeling ropes on your skin and would now like to expand this feeling. Get to know Japanese bondage practices or classical bondage. We may also go gladly into the masochistic range. Then I am glad to be allowed to welcome you.

You are already very experienced and know about bondage on the ground. Now you finally want to get high. Just drop and get to know the airy heights. I am very much looking forward to hanging you up.

Learn to bondage:
You have no interest in being tied up, but would like to learn the craft. You have a bondage partner. Then just visit me for a workshop. You don’t have a partner, but are still interested? No problem, we can also practice on my bondage partner.

Appointments are possible by appointment and can be arranged by phone at +49 163 1493538 (anonymous calls will not be accepted) or by e-mail

The price for this special is 200 € for 60 minutes