Nipple torture

How about your nipples? A particularly erogenous zone for you? Then you should take full advantage of their potential.

For most people, especially the nipples are a particularly erogenous zone of the body. Strong stimulation of this part of the body can therefore produce a very high degree of arousal.

Since pain and pleasure are known to be very close to each other and strong pain in combination with a high degree of arousal is much easier to bear, or even increases the excitement for some people immeasurably, you should definitely make full use of the potential that the nipples offer.

Of course, the stimulation can begin quite slowly, by stroking or lightly pinching with the fingers. If the excitement increases, however, you can also put a scoop on it by using the power of your own fingers completely, by extending the game by attaching clamps or by attaching weights.

Personally, I find it especially nice to attach clamps in such a way that the tension increases with every movement of the pupil and he thus stimulates himself.

If this is not enough, you can certainly use tools like ice, in combination with skillful tricks or clamps, this can have very interesting effects
Incidentally, when using clamps, they stop the direct blood supply after about 2 – 3 minutes. This is why loosening the clamp can be very uncomfortable in this case. Of course, the whole thing can be increased by the merciless removal of the staple.

Either way I wish you a lot of fun with the experiments.