Beginners pleasant

You’re beginners? Completely new to SM? It interests you, but you don’t know exactly where you stand and how to find out? Then let me help you.

Often I am asked what is pleasant about the preference “beginner”. Basically this is quite simple. It only says that the lady also likes to take care of beginners.

Especially beginners often don’t know exactly where they stand. That’s why in this case I always take a lot of time for a preliminary talk. In this interview I try to find out with you where your preferences and interests lie or could lie.

To find this out, it is often advisable to discuss the different practices and simply listen within yourself to see how your condition reacts to them. If you already feel a tendency to dislike this practice, we should leave it out. Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

It also happens that the eyes are bigger than the actual appetite. In other words, you are interested in more practices than can perhaps be implemented in the first session. But do not despair that only increases the tension for another meeting.

In order for your first session to be a success in any case, you should simply be open to talking to the lady beforehand. Furthermore, you should be open to the different practices and not directly demonize everything and just get involved in the game.

Of course you will be caught at the end of the session and there will be a detailed follow-up discussion.

And now I wish you a lot of fun with your first session.