Bizarre double with Lady Lucy & Slavegirl Alice

The Arts of a Dominus
Dive into the bizarre worlds of BDSM together with us. Learn from the rich wealth of experience of a Dominatrix, which various possibilities are offered around the play with a lustful slavegirl!
No matter if you are new to the field or simply want to broaden your horizon – we show you how to submit your slave stylishly and self-confidently and integrate the most different playing possibilities into your session.

The submissive game
You’re submissive. But you always dream of being educated together with a slavegirl by your mistress. Then become together with Lady Lucys slavegirl the play ball of her desire and experience the tingling feeling, if she satisfies her desire at you and slavegirl Alice.

The erotic game
You have always been fascinated by the thought of watching two ladies share their passion. You can also well imagine that the lustful slavegirl is still taking care of your needs during this time and all this under strict instruction of the mistress. Then you should tell Lady Lucy and slavegirl Alice your ideas and fantasies.

We are also open for new ideas and suggestions.

Every Friday from 17:00 – 23:00 o’clock
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